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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

Contact Information

Arrupe International Residence
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel. (+63 02) 4265911
Office: (+63 02) 4265964; 4266430 ext. 3626

Courses Taught
Introduction to the Mystery of Faith; Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium; God: Trinity; Christology and Contextual Experience


Areas of Interest

His teaching and research include Christology within multicultural context and multi-religious society, followed by the development of a community called Church, pastoral empowerment and interreligious dialogue, as well as on the Ignatian spirituality and a theological methodology that takes social-religious context seriously, particularly Asian religiosity and poverty.


Born in Pekalongan, Central Java, a city with notable Moslem community, Hartono Budi did his undergraduate studies in Jakarta (focus on the Philosophy of human nature) and Yogyakarta (on Theological hermeneutics), Indonesia. He did his doctoral studies in the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, California with specialization on Latin American theology of liberation and dissertation on the “Christology of Jon Sobrino and Contemporary Martyrdom”. For the last 10 years, he was teaching contextual Christology and social theology at Wedabhakti Faculty of Theology of the university of Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta, and currently teaching Christology and contextual experience as well as "Sources of Christian Theology: An Asian Approach" at the Loyola School of Theology of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Whether addressing Christology, social theology or involvement in an interreligious dialogue, what is common to his teaching is a pastoral approach that favors empowerment of the (marginalized) people of God, a living faith in a living ecclesial community, as well as creative theological methodology that eventually will help people to be more open to others regardless their cultural and religious background and to the signs of the times.

Research and Publications

“Yesus” in Meniti Kalam Kerukunan Vol. 1. Jakarta: BPK Gunung Mulia (2010) 425-453.

Berjuang menjadi tanda dan sarana keselamatan (Ignatian theology and Protestantism) in Diskursus 9/1 (April 2010) 89-108.

“Kristologi dengan Imaginative framework” in Diskursus 7/2 (October 2008) 181-193.

(Church of the poor and its pastoral implications) GEREJA YANG PEDULI KAUM MISKINMENGGAGAS SEBUAH EKKLESOLOGI ANTROPOLOGIS DAN IMPLIKASIPASTORALNYA In (Book) Gereja yang Melayani dengan Rendah Hati. Penerbit KanisiusYogyakarta, Indonesia, 2009;  ISSN 978-979-21-2515-3

(Striving to be Sacrament of God’s Salvation: An Ignatian Approach) BERJUANG MENJADI TANDA DAN SARANAKESELAMATAN SUMBANGAN IGNATIUS DARI LOYOLA DAN SPIRITUALITAS IGNATIAN. In (Journal) DISKURSUSJurnal Filsafat dan Teologi – Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyarkara, Vol. 9 No.1 April 2010;  ISSN 1412-3878

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