A Jesuit, Filipino, and Asian Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology

Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Lecturer, Professor of Systematic and Sacramental Theology


Sacraments of Christian Initiation; Penance, Anointing and Marriage; Christian Worship; Mariology; Liturgical Inculturation, Homiletics, Theology of Aging


Master of Arts in Philosophy, San Jose Seminary, Quezon City
Diplomate in Liturgy, Liturgisches Institut, Trier, Germany
Doctorate in Sacred Theology, Theologische Fakultaet, Trier, Germany

Professional Activities

A. Professor of Theology

San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology, Makati (1974- )
Loyola School of Theology, Quezon City (1977- )
Immaculate Conception Seminary Graduate School of Theology, Guiguinto, Bulacan (1987- )
Recoletos School of Theology, Quezon City (1996- )
UST Ecclesiastical Faculties, Manila (2007- )

B. Ministry for Priests

Founding President, Kadiwa sa Pagkapari Foundation, Inc. (1993- )

C. Mass Media

Columnist, “Alalaong Baga” on Business Mirror, Thursdays (2005- )
Radio Program, “Ecclesia in Asia: Ang Salita ng Diyos” on DWIZ 882, Sundays 5-6 a.m. (2006- )
Regular Contributor, “Itanong Kay Monsi” on Youth Today (1997- ), and “Being Catholic” on Crossroads (2005- )

Research and Publications

A. Own Books

The Mariology of Juan de Cartagena (NY, St. Bonaventure University, 1978).

That Our Sacrifice Be Pleasing (Manila, St. Paul's, 1978)

Jesu-Kristo, vol. I (Manila, St. Paul's, 1979)

Eucharistic Prayers for Children (Manila, St. Paul's, 1981)

Pagtulong sa Hapag ng Eukaristiya (Manila, St. Paul's, 1983)

Eucharistic Prayer for Masses of Reconciliation (Manila, St. Paul's, 1983)

Paghahatid ng Komunyon sa Maysakit (Manila, St. Paul's, 1986)

The Eucharist (Manila, St. Paul's, 1987)

Mga Tanda at Kilos sa Liturgia (Manila, St. Paul's, 1988)

Jesu-Kristo, vol. II (Manila, St. Paul's, 1987)

Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri sa Panginoon (Manila, St. Paul's, 1988)

San Juan Nepomuceno. Isang Nobena (Manila, 1991)

Jesu-Kristo, vol. III (Manila, St. Paul's, 1991)

Ephesus Devotion for Priests (Manila, 1998)

Maria, Inang Mahal (Quezon City, 2002)

A Priest at Seventy (QC, 2012)

Itawag Kay Maria (St. Pauls, 2012)



B. Contributions in Other Books

“Some Reflection on Basic Christian Communities”, in Basic Christian Communities in the Philippines, Ted Gresh (ed.) (Manila, 1977), 128-134.

“Ilang Simulain para sa mga Tagapaglingkod sa Ikatlong Milenyo”, in PCM II Mga Gawa at Dekreto (1997, Archdiocese of Manila), 223-230.

“The Call to Service and Ministry”, in PCM II Acts and Decrees (Archdiocese of Manila, 1997), 187-189.

“Mary Symbol of Freedom”, in The Eucharist and Freedom (Manila, Fifth National Eucharistic Congress, 1997), 100-105.

“God the Holy Spirit”, in Holy Spirit. Lord and Giver of Life. A Resource Kit. ed. by the Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry of Manila (Manila, 1998), 10-12.

Dies Domini. The Day of the Lord. Apostolic Letter of the Holy Father John Paul II with Contextualization and Commentaries (Manila, Word & Life Publications, 1999), 93-101.

“On A New Marian Dogma: Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate,” in Emerging Theological Themes, ed. Fausto Gomez, OP (Manila, UST, 2001), 233-244.

"We Walled Thogether," in Blas F. Ople -As we Remember Him, ed Fred Dela Rosa & Alfredo G. Rosario (Mla, 2004) 245-249.

“Historico-Theological Background on Vatican II,” in Theology Week 2006: Vatican II 40 Years After, ed. Jose Antonio Aureada, OP (Manila, UST, 2007), 6-30.

“Witnessing to the Kingdom on the Local Church,” in From Vision to Pondo ng PinoyGaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales Festschrift, ed. Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos (Manila, 2011), 162-174.

"Death Tricentenial -Francisca del Espiritu Santo de Fuentes, Aug. 24, 1711-2011,"
Preface of 4th edn., The Beatico de Santa Catalina, The Cradle Years of the Dominican Sisters in the Philippines (QC, 2011) 3-7



C. Articles

“The Bishop in the Diocese and the Liturgy, with the Eucharist at its Center”, The Liturgical Information Bulletin of the Philippines, XIII (1978): 34-43.

“Aklat ng Pagmimisa sa Roma: A Critique”, Philippines Studies, 31 (1983): 253-271.

“Another Look at Inculturation”, Philippine Studies 32 (1984): 181- 193.

“Mga Teolohiyang Pilipino sa Kasalukuyan at sa Hinaharap”, Malay, De La Salle University, 5 (1985-1986): 7-14.

“Mary as Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of Grace: Contemporary Implications”, Landas 9/2 (1995): 167-180.

“The Call to Service and Ministry”, Avenues, San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology (1996-1997): 23-27.

“Mga Teolohiya ng Ministri ng mga Laiko”, Rowers ICMS (March 1997): 1-4.

“Baptism During the Early Christianization of the Philippines in the Sixteenth Century”, Rowers ICMS (August 1998): 43-49.

“Mga Jubileo at ang Sakramento ng Panahon”, Rowers ICMS (March 2000): 42-49.

“Maria, Ang Babae ng Pakikipagkaisa at Pagkakaisa sa Isatlong Diyos,” Rowers (2001) 70-81.

“Bulacan Diocesan Priests for the Archdiocese of Manila: 1889-1949,” Avenues (2001-2) 1-12.

“18th Century Priests of Bulacan,” Rowers (2002) 47-53.

“The Eucharist and Mary,” Rowers (2005) 7-15.

“Mary Among the Goddesses,” Landas (2005) 119-140; Avenues (2004-5) 1-22.

“La Madre de la Luz, Our Lady of Salvation,” Avenues (2005-6) 1-16.

“The Joy of Being a Priest Today,” Rowers (2010) 8-17.


DVD Productions

“Ang Pagdiriwang ng Eukaristiya” (St. Paul's, 2004)

“Si Jesu-Kristo, ang Eukaristiya at si Maria,” (St. Paul's, 2005)

“Maria, Inang Mahal,” (St. Paul's, 2005)

“Ang Ama Namin,” (St. Paul's, 2005)

“Sumasampalataya Ako,” (St. Paul's, 2006)

“Sampung Utos,” (St. Paul's, 2008)



“Outstanding Son of Hagonoy,” 1984

“Outstanding Catholic Author,” 1989

“PeypochBukas Palad Award,” Ateneo de Manila University, 2003

“Catholic Mass Media Serviam Award,” 2007

“Gawad Sagisag Quezon,” Komisyon sa Wikang Pilipino, 2009

“San Jose Award,” San Jose Seminary, 2009

“Dangal ng Lipi,” Bulacan, Province 2010