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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Self-advisement is the process of choosing/proposing which courses or subjects to take for the next academic term.  All LST students are required to comply with this procedure.  Please refer to the course offerings for important information (i.e., professor, class schedule, course description) by clicking here.
In planning their semester's course work, students must assume responsibility for monitoring their own progress toward graduation and the fulfillment of requirements. MA, PhD, and DMin students should verify their own academic records at AISIS (Ateneo Integrated Student Information System) against their respective degree program requirements. Click here for the requirements of the various degree programs.
How to Self-Advise in LST-ISIS:
1. Enter your LST-ISIS account and click on the "Self-Advise" tab. For STB students, choose your year level in the prospectus (1 to 4). Your prescribed courses in the STB curriculum will appear.
2. Click on your program or programs. For each program, drag a recommended course in your prospectus from the right to the section on "Advised Courses" on the left side of the screen. Or specify a Course Field utilizing the drop down menu (Systematic, Biblical, Moral Theology, etc.) then click the Search icon. Or search the catalogue number or course title directly at the top-center section of the screen then click the green + or add button.
Theo 200-level courses are alloted for MA and STB students; Theo 300-level courses for STL, STD, PhD, and DMin students; Sp for Professional Diploma in Family Ministries; MTP for Certificate in Migration; BPM for Certificate in Basic Pastoral Ministry; SS for MA and PhD Biblical Exegesis.
Electives in the STB Program are those courses which are not required in the STB curriculum, i.e., courses which are not listed in the STB plan of study (click here). Hebrew, Greek and Latin may count as electives in the STB Program. Electives in the MA, STL and PhD programs are those courses which do not belong to one's chosen field of concentration.
In LST-ISIS, MA, PhD, and DMin students are also assigned with the "NonCert" or Non-Certificate Program. Under this Program, they may advise themselves non-Ateneo courses, i.e. courses that are available only at LST. Examples are Theo Meth (Methods and Materials of Research), PrEng (Propaedeutic English), Theo Syn MA (MA Compre Exam Review), Spa 201 (Spanish and other modern languages), etc.
3. For students enrolled in multiple programs (eg. STB and MA), be sure to complete self-advisement in ALL programs before clicking "Propose".
4. The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will confirm your self-advised courses on or before the first day of online enlistment at LST-ISIS. Once the proposed self-advisement is approved, the notation "Advisement Approved" will appear in the Self-Advise section of your LST-ISIS account.