A Jesuit, Filipino, and Asian Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology

Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Enlistment is the process of signing up for a class section in each self-advised and approved course.  This procedure is done online at isis.lst.edu (out of campus) or (in campus). For any student-initiated changes after enlistment, students must accomplish a Load Revision Form and pay the corresponding fee.
Those with limited internet access may use the desktop computers in LST's Multi-Media Center. Students may also bring their own internet-ready laptops. 
In addition to online enlistment at LST-ISIS, MA and PhD students should also enlist in their advised courses at the AISIS website aisisonline.ateneo.edu. Please disregard class sections in AISIS as they will be superseded by the LST-ISIS sectioning. Please disregard also the amounts indicated in the Ateneo AISIS Assessment Form. The correct tuition fee amounts are reflected on the LST-ISIS Assessment Form. For the activation of old MA and PhD students' AISIS accounts, contact the Ateneo Registrar’s Office at 426-6001 local 5130 to 5139, 5143, 5146-5147.
How to Enlist via LST-ISIS:
1. Go to isis.lst.edu (out of campus) or (in campus) and log-in to your account.
2. Click on "Enlist". Then click on your program located at the right side of the screen. Your advised courses will appear on the left side of the screen.
3. To enlist in a course, click on a catalogue number (eg. Theo 217). The sections (A, B, or C) and name of professors will appear on the right side of the screen.
4. Click on a section of your choice (If only section A appears, click on section A). The course will then disappear from your Advised Courses and appear among your Enlisted Courses. Do the same for each of the advised courses until your Advised Courses bin is emptied. If a section turns red and becomes unclickable, then the quota for that section has been reached and you must choose from the remaining available sections.
5. Students enrolled in multiple programs (e.g., STB-MA, etc.) MUST enlist in each of their programs.
6. Upon completion of enlistment, click "Done".