A Jesuit, Filipino, and Asian Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology

Sunday, February 25, 2018
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1. After enlistment, the assessment of fees for the academic session can be viewed by clicking on the Assessment tab in your LST-ISIS account.  The assessment is final and ready for payment only when the bottom indicates that it has been checked and approved.
2. The following students are exempt from enrolling personally at LST on the dates for regular LST enrollment:
a) students whose formation communities have charge accounts at LST and who have completed their advisement and online enlistment at LST-ISIS. A community representative should submit their community members' LST IDs to Jerry Orio of the Multi-Media Center during the first week of classes.
b) students paying in full through LST's Bank of the Philippine Islands Account. Those who intend to pay in this manner may download payment instructions here and should inform Ms. Roselyn Taray of the LST Finance Section ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). LST ID processing can be done during the first week of classes.
3. The following students must personally enroll at LST on the dates for regular LST enrollment:
a) those who did not undergo the advisement process and, therefore, were not able to enlist at LST-ISIS.
b) those who are not paying offsite and will, thus, pay their tuition and other fees directly to the LST Cashier.
Students who have already completed their online enlistment at LST-ISIS and whose assessement of fees have been checked and approved may proceed directly to the Cashier for payment. After payment, students should present their LST ID to the Multi-Media personnel for validation.
For their convenience, students are highly encouraged to pay offsite through LST's Bank of the Philippine Islands Account to avoid waiting in the Cashier line. Students may also pay by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) to expedite the payment process.  [Note: Credit card payment is temporarily unavailable.]
4. For those who need to personally enroll at LST on the dates for regular LST enrollment:
Application                            Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)
Advisement                           Asst. to the VPAA
Enlistment                             Multi-Media Center
Assessment                          Waiting Area
Payment                               Cashier
ID Processing/Validation       Multi-Media
Students are responsible for monitoring the accuracy of their registration at LST-ISIS (isis.lst.edu) and, for civil degree students, also at AISIS (aisisonline.ateneo.edu).
Important Reminders:
International Students
International students with no valid visas will not be allowed to enroll at LST. Those on hold order and are not able to enlist online due to visa concerns should visit the ADMU Registrar’s Office (MA, PhD, DMin students) or LST Assistant to the VPAA (STB, STL, STD students) to settle the matter.
New Civil Degree (MA, PhD, DMin) Students Admitted to LST
All newly-admitted students in the MA and PhD Programs will not yet be able to enlist at AISIS but may enroll at LST. They are requested to claim the hard copy of their Ateneo de Manila Registration Forms (Filipinos from LST Secretary, Jane Deseo; International Students from the Ateneo Registrar's Office). Those who fail to sign and submit their Ateneo de Manila Registration Form will not have their MA or PhD courses enrolled at the Ateneo.
Outstanding Tuition Balances
Students with outstanding balances should settle their accounts with the LST Cashier before enrollment. Those who do not settle their accounts will not be allowed to enroll in the coming academic session. Students with special concerns regarding this matter are requested to see Ms. Roselyn Taray of the LST Finance Section.