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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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How do I apply for a program? What are the entrance requirements? 

If you have decided on a program, get in touch with Loyola School of Theology or Ateneo de Manila University (for civil degree applications) by email or by phone to get the details of the program's courses. Download the relevant application form and view (a) the list of requirements and deadline for submission, and (b) the schedule of the Ateneo Graduate School entrance exams. Get the necessary documents and arrange to take the entrance exam by contacting the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs [Tel.: (632) 426-6001 loc 5141-42 or (632) 426-5937; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]. Submit the application form and required documents to the Ateneo Graduate Programs office (civil program) or the LST Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (ecclesiastical program) and take the entrance exam. 
How much will I pay for my graduate studies? 
A semester for a new student taking 12 units in the STB or MA program will cost around PhP 28,040.00 or USD 627 / EUR 494. 
A semester for a new student taking 12 units in the STL, STD, or PhD program will cost around PhP 37,676.00 or USD 842 / EUR 663. 
*Computation is based on tuition and fees for SY 2014– 2015. Conversion to USD and EUR Equivalent is based on the current conversion schedule downloaded from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas . 
When is the deadline for applications? What are the entrance tests schedules? 
This information is posted in the Ateneo Loyola Schools website at http://www.ateneo.edu/ls/graduate-programs.
What is the entrance test about? What is its scope? 
The admissions test consists of four standardized tests measuring general intelligence, basic verbal and numerical ability, verbal reasoning skills, and reading comprehension. The total testing time is approximately three hours. 
When will I be given the results of my entrance exam? 
The entrance exam results are not released to the student. They are put together with the application and other documents of the applicant and sent to the LST Vice President for Academic Affairs for evaluation. The VPAA, with the help of a committee, makes the decision to accept or reject the applicant based on all the information he receives about the applicant. 
Will there be an interview after the test? 
In general, there is no interview after the examination. The VPAA may call on a particular applicant for an interview on a case-to-case basis. 
What is the period of validity of the entrance examination I have taken? 
The results of the entrance test are valid for 3 years. 
If I am accepted this semester and I don't enroll because of some personal reason, what happens to my application? Can I enroll next semester? Next year? 
You can write the VPAA of Loyola School of Theology and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and request that your enrollment be deferred. If you defer your enrollment for one year or longer, you will have to update your application by filling up a new application form and submitting copies of transcripts for additional studies done during the deferment. Your entrance test results remain valid for 3 years from the time you took the exam. 
I was previously enrolled in a graduate program at the ADMU. However, I stopped studying and haven't enrolled for a while. How do I go about getting reinstated as a student? Do I have to apply for extension of my study program? 
If you have not enrolled for two consecutive semesters, you need to apply for reinstatement in your program. Obtain a Reinstatement and/or Extension Form from the Registrar's Office and get the approval of your department chair (LST VPAA). The time limit to complete a master's program is 5 years and a Ph.D. program 7 years. If you have exceeded — or are about to exceed — the time limit for your program, you need the same form to appeal for an extension from your home department. 
Am I still qualified to apply to a graduate program if I don't have the minimum college units for the program that I'm applying for? 
You may inquire at LST if you can be accepted into its program with this deficiency. You will probably be asked to take up some undergraduate courses to firm up your background or prerequisites for certain graduate courses.