A Jesuit, Filipino, and Asian Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology

Sunday, February 25, 2018
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  1. Bachelor in Sacred Theology (STB) students who are also enrolled in the M.A. Theological Studies program may work on their thesis or its equivalent even while still completing their STB Course Work requirements.
  2. The thesis writer chooses a mentor and informs the LST Office about his/her choice. If preparing four (4) major papers, the student chooses his/her overall mentor upon completion of all the papers.
  3. The LST office sends a formal request to the faculty member concerned. The faculty member signs and submits the form to the LST Office.
  4. The student completes the LST Load Revision Form to enroll in Thesis Writing I (LST only) and makes the necessary payment to the LST Cashier. On this basis, the mentor shall receive a Thesis Direction honorarium for his/her services.
  5. Students working on a full thesis are required prepare a Thesis Proposal under the guidance of a mentor. Upon submission of the proposal to the LST Office, the defense panel and schedule are arranged. The student makes the necessary payment to the LST Cashier for Thesis Proposal Defense.
  6. The student enrolls in Thesis Writing II (LST only) every semester for as long as he/she is developing the thesis or its equivalent under the guidance of the mentor.
  7. By the time the student reaches 4th year, he/she officially enrolls Thesis Writing I and II at the Ateneo during the Second Semester and defends his/her thesis or its equivalent.


October 7, 2011