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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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For all students: In a reading course, students are directed in assigned readings on the course topic and are required to report at periodic meetings to discuss the readings assigned. During the semester, the professor may also meet the students to give a written or oral quiz or midterm examination. The course concludes with a written and/or oral examination on the subject matter covered. Professors may opt to require research paper(s) in lieu of written or oral examinations.

For licentiate and doctorate students: Apart from the guidelines described above, specialized reading courses − proposed and conceptualized by students themselves – are offered to help students in their process of considering a topic for their tesina or dissertation. The assigned readings cover bibliography drawn from the students’ field of concentration. At the end of the reading course, licentiate and doctorate students must submit a written report in the form of a Review of Literature, i.e., a survey and evaluation of books and articles dealing with a specific research topic. The review must cover all the books and articles assigned by the professor as well as other readings that the students may have discovered for themselves during the reading course (LST Student Handbook, pp. 33, 40, 58).

Proper written permissions are requested from the Dean before professors and students can arrange for reading courses. Forms are available at the LST Academic Section.


30 March 2011